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1 – TRIZ Stuff

I’m going to keep building out on this LEGO idea. Yes, it’s certainly one of my favorite brand of toys. But I can’s help but wonder what could happen if they went beyond being a toy company. For example, could they build modular homes? What about broadening their robotics line to include personal assistants? After all of the money they raked in from the pandemic . . . what if this company explored how it could expand beyond giving joy to children to saving and improving lives?

2 – The Big Big Podcast Intro/Outro Song

This week, I applied two-and-a-half decades of music theory, composition, and orchestral performance experience to come up up with a ditty for my project. It’s linked here.

3 – More from Weapons of Math Destruction

This section was unexpected. Not because it revealed anything unique, just that it focused on mental illness as a factor for job discrimination rather than racism. And what makes this especially shocking is that is focuses on minimum wage jobs. We’re talking about the jobs that already don’t make it possible to make ends meet (lots of research can be found by the st. ates that have run numbers on Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed — ALICE folks). So . . . now we combiine racism in our economic systems (which is exahaustively well documented, but I’ll cite john a. powell’s work because he amazing and we’ve met a few times), and throw in growing research about mental illness to prevent people from getting joobs that woon’t make it possible to financially cover basic needs . . . I’m speechless.